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How does hiring a Texas Licensed Private Investigator work?


If you are on this website, we would assume you have a situation that revolves around a relationship or possibly a child custody matter, and you feel as if obtaining a private investigator would yield some benefit. We feel as if we have made the process of hiring an investigator rather painless.


OneStar Investigations will provide to you a FREE consultation to gain some insight as to what specially is going on regarding your specific situation.  We'll be asking things like: Do you know who the "other" person is?  What type of schedule to do they keep?  When might they have an opportunity to engage in the activities you feel they are doing.  If this is a custody issue, we'll need to know things like what is the parent in question doing that would be beneficial to you to get legally documented?  Basically what we are after is for you to paint us a picture of what is going on so we may intelligently provide you with some ideas on how to put some resolve on the matter and do so in a may in which we may maximize our efforts to be as efficient as possible.


After you come to the conclusion OneStar Investigations will be of some benefit we'll simply ask you to provide us some basic information so we may properly start your case.  We generally request you click on the silver link button above titled "Info Form" at the top of this web page.  This is generally all the information we need to get started, and we ask that you simply fill it out to the best of your knowledge.



What should I be looking for to determine if I have a cheater?


These type of things will vary case by case, but here are a few of the most common;


-He or she is coming late from work all of a sudden


-They run out to do errands and seem to be gone for hours


-They seem to have more concern in regard to their appearance


-No interest in romance


-A poor attitude toward you or the family


-Hiding or locking cellular phone or tablet


How you help me with a child custody case?


We find in many cases the custody is not necessarily about the child, but more so about the child support.  They simply do want to have to give you money, they want you to give them money.  If they get the primary custody, then they get the money, and truthfully they can do whatever they please with that money.  If you can show that parent while having custody of the child generally does not pay attention to, or in many cases drops off the child with others so they can go out, it's a pretty good chance you can show the court their interest are elsewhere opposed to their claims.  In add ti on if you can show the parent is unfit to responsibly care for the child by documenting them excessively drinking, going out all the time, and overall not living a solid lifestyle, you can use that information to sway a judge in your direction.


What will I receive by hiring OneStar Investigations?


The best way to answer this question is to basically say anything you want as long as it's legal.  If you need evidence for a child custody hearing, information to help you through a divorce, spousal support, or if you simply have some suspicions you want answers, that is what we are here for.  To provide answers and documentation.  We take the guess the work out of the siltation and provide answers good or bad.


OneStar Investigations will provide to you complete legal documentation as to their activities, as well as photo's or video taken during the course of the investigation.  We'll work with your attorney as well as come to any hearings or court related matters to testify on your behalf.  We join your team and help for the start to the finish.  That is our job.


How will this evidence actually help me overall?


Just like pretty much anything in life, the more definitive information you have the better of you're going to be.  Regardless if you are hiring us for a legal matter or a need to know matter, the job remains the same.  Provide you with facts.  OneStar Investigations will give to you all the documented information we obtain to place you in a more informed position to make various decisions you need to make in order to move your life forward.

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